How to Decorate Around the TV: Top 6 Ways to Fit a TV in Your Living Room

Almost every home has the all-mighty TV in it. However, you probably have a love-hate relationship with your big, black box that just sits there in the middle of your gorgeous living room. But did you know that learning how to decorate around the TV may make your living room look nicer and more stylish?

Once you pick up a few simple tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be able to transform the way your living room feels – without giving up your favorite Sunday shows. There’s no better compromise than that.

Keep reading on to find out ways to bring the TV area back to life!

Have art & pictures help

While it’s true that the TV itself isn’t the most artistic thing you can hang on your wall, art and framed pictures are – use them to your full advantage!

              Art and TV - Credit:
(Art and TV - Credit:

Opt for pieces that will allow the TV to blend in – start layering them right above the screen and work your way around until you reach the desired symmetry.

If you feel brave enough, you could even add larger frames behind the screen itself!

Play peek-a-boo

Hiding the TV inside a piece of furniture will never go out of style. Besides, it’s a pretty cool thing to impress your guests with.

Since modern displays are thin, it’s never been easier to hide your TV – you don’t even need an actual piece of furniture!

              Hide your TV - Credit:
(Hide your TV - Credit:

You could do it in the middle of a bookshelf, behind a piece of art or even mount a pair of sliding door panels – everything works!

Add shelves and plants

If you have space, adding some shelves on the wall around the TV could make your living room come to life – it gives a nice balance to things.

Don’t forget to fill the shelves out – books, souvenirs, candles or any other thing that has some meaning for you.

            Plants around TV - Credit: Unknown
(Plants around TV - Credit: Unknown)

You could also add some plants on the shelves – greenery is always a refreshing touch and it takes the attention off the blackness of the screen.

Use your fireplace

TVs and fireplaces are usually the two focal points in each living room.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, use it as a starting point for your TV area – merging both focal points into one will give you the feeling of a much spacious room.

              Fireplace and TV - Credit:
(Fireplace and TV - Credit:

On top of that, mounting the TV above the fireplace might make it instantly appear smaller and less noticeable.

Back to black

If you prefer keeping things simple and decorations aren’t to your taste, then this might be the way to go.

While painting a whole wall black may not be to everyone’s taste, adding a black stripe in your living room could improve the way your TV looks.

              Black wall behind TV - Credit: Viendoraglass
(Black wall behind TV - Credit: Viendoraglass)

It’s cheap, elegant and it’ll instantly absorb that black screen of yours, leaving you with a neat-looking room!

Do an entertainment unit

If watching Netflix in the evenings is your thing, why even bother to hide the TV?

              Russel Entertainment Center
(Russel Entertainment Center)

Get yourself a nice cabinet and make a whole entertainment unit in that part of the room – add any other device you may use besides the TV, as well as DVDs or any games you play. Just don’t forget to hide the cables inside the cabinet.

Bonus: Or you can do the exact opposite:

              Credit: - Playstation Cable Art
(Credit: - Playstation Cable Art)
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