Haircuts at Home: How to Give Yourself One (Without Looking Funny in the End)

Ah, the joy that comes with good hair days - talk about high levels of self-confidence, huh?

Too bad they mostly happen after you leave the hair salon. And we all know that your hairdresser won’t have any trouble retiring early, if you know what I mean.

However, there are a few tricks you can use to give yourself some good-looking haircuts while not breaking your budget.

One might wonder: is that even possible?

Well yes, very much so - if you learn the DIY way to them at home!

Here’s hoping that once you go over the article, you’ll pick up a few trimming tricks up your sleeve and save a few dollars on the side. Keep reading on to learn that styling your own hair isn’t as impossible as you thought it is!

What tools will you need?

First things first – let’s get you the right tools for your mission.

Your mom might’ve told you the kitchen scissors and an old towel are everything you might need. Oh, let’s not forget the much-dreaded bowl

Of course, those are essential if you want to look like this –

            A bad haircut

Since we can all agree adults aren’t really supposed to look that way, you’ll actually need a few more pro-tools. Going ahead and doing the investment may not be that bad of an idea – hey, you wanted to skip the bad hair days!

So skip your toenail scissors – ew! – and instead get a pair of high-quality hair scissors at your local drugstore.

However, don’t just grab the biggest scissors you see – buy scissors that have smaller shears and shorter blades. It’ll be much easier to work your way around with them!

On top of that, you’ll also want to get a fine-tooth comb to work with – apart from using it to untangle your hair, it’ll also help with the parting. Don’t be tempted to use a wider comb thinking it won’t make a difference – chances are, you won’t be happy with the result.

And last but certainly not least, get a spray bottle – so you know, you can pretend you’re an actual hairdresser. But really now, a spray bottle is important – you’ll want your hair to be damp. Not wet, not dry but damp!

Wait, is that really all I need?

Well, it might also help to have a few clips and a couple of old towels around.

And maybe a dustpan to pick up the hair you cut.

Oh, while it’s certainly not a must, you might want to work with your hair clean – no dry shampoo residue, no nothing. Just sayin’.

Okay, that’s not as bad, I’m ready to start!

Slow down now, the best part is about to follow: decide what look you’re aiming for! Before you jump chopping half of your hair off, think about what you want your hair to look like in the end.

In theory, you can give yourself any haircut you want!

But this is the important part – how would that work in reality? Even though you might be able to give yourself a complete hair transformation, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

For starters, why not keep things simple?

Focus on trimming your ends and just keeping things neat. That’s good both for your hair and your self-confidence: your hair will grow faster and it’ll look healthier, while at the same time, you won’t have to wear a beanie at work!

It’s basically a win-win situation, isn’t it?

            Trimming hair

Time to cut, cut, cut!

Let’s move on to the part with the tricks you actually came here to learn.

1) Do sections

You know how your hairdresser splits your hair into sections before cutting it? There’s a reason for that – it’ll allow you to style your hair finer.

So apart from playing the hairdresser role, doing sections – and working your way through them – is the best way to go. Chances of mess-ups are minimal this way and even if they happen, you’ll be able to fix them better.

2) Don’t cut all the way

Once you start cutting, you may be tempted to cut more – but it’s a trap, don’t fall into it!

Instead, always trim your ends a tiny bit longer than what you’d like your final length to be – not only will your hair become shorter once it dries up but you’ll also have some room to fix any mistakes you do.

3) The magic of the ponytail

Apparently, this is the easiest way to give your hair a quick freshening up.

You basically put all of your hair up in a ponytail and then start lightly cutting into the ends using only the points of the hair scissors. This way, you’re keeping the cut basic but still doing some updates.

Once you’re done, just take your ponytail down and voila!

4) Don’t forget the vertical cuts

Okay, so no one likes their hair to look like a heavy-duty cleaning brush, right?

That’s why it’s good to give your hair some more love by doing a few vertical cuts – just hold bits of hair between two fingers and snip upwards.

However, don’t get carried away; you only want to soften the edges, not chop down half of your ends.

But wait – my hair is short!

Ah, do you really need to cut it then if it’s short?

Okay, I’m kidding – actually, people with shorter hair need haircuts more often, since their hair can lose shape pretty quickly.

So, here’s the best part: while it’s not exactly the same as with long hair, the procedure should be more or less the same, at least for keeping things neat.

Just use your comb and your fingers to lift hair up and then cut into it. Optionally, if you have enough length, you could divide the hair on the temples and on the forehead forward – you’ll get much more control that way.

After you’re done, don’t forget to clean up the edges around your neck and ears with an electric shaver – it gives for a neat, stylish look!

Are we finally done now? Yes, we probably are by now. To sum everything up, the key point would be not to overdo anything in the beginning of your hairstyling career at home. Just focus on trimming your ends and getting your hair to look fresh and well taken care of. With a little practice, you might even skip bad hair days completely! Which was kind of your goal, wasn’t it?

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