Where do you store the vacuum cleaner?

Okay, frankly, I never thought there was such a thing.

We kept it in a coat closet or in a slightly larger storage room and never gave a second thought.

But this turned out quickly to be one of those cases where you do these things in order:

  1. Think everyone else is same
  2. Discover it’s not
  3. Have a WTF moment
  4. Cope with reality

Maybe like you’d do when you learn this, or maybe that.

Yes, I might be exaggerating a bit.

Okay, I’m.

But if you are curious where people keep their vacuum cleaners, take a look:

1. Most banal: In a coat closet

              Coat Closet - Credit: www.polishedhabitat.com
(Coat Closet - Credit: www.polishedhabitat.com)

This seems most people are doing with their vacuum cleaners.

By most people, I mean myself and a relatively small number of people I know comparing to world population. But that’s what most people means, right?

2. Most classic: Under the stairs

              Under stairs - Credit: www.pinterest.com
(Under stairs - Credit: www.pinterest.com)

It’s like if you have stairs in your house, a no brainer. Just put it there. No questions asked.

3. Most practical: In a utility room

              Utility room - Credit: https://www.houzz.com
(Utility room - Credit: https://www.houzz.com)

Now we’re expanding ourselves. A utility room is great to gather all sorts of necessary but yes, maybe not best-looking items in our house.

On the other hand, if you just want to spend $1,4000 to this beauty, of course, don’t stop, be my guest.

4. Most obvious: No hide


Ok, that’s not a vacuum cleaner. That’s a Dalek. This is if you are into Doctor Who. If not, your problem, not mine.

Anyways that’s what your vacuum cleaner looks like when left around.

So, please don’t leave your beloved unattended.

5. Most creepy: In a … hmm, thing?

              Lace & Bows Vacuum Cover
(Lace & Bows Vacuum Cover)

As you can see, endless options if you want to get creative.

I still wouldn’t want to face it in the night…

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