How To Throw the Perfect Housewarming Party


If you’re reading this, then you’ve managed to complete another glorious life quest - you’ve successfully moved all of your earthly belongings from one place to another.

Anyone who’s ever done it can agree - the occasion calls for some celebration! After all, you don’t upsize from a queen to a king sleeping bed every day.

But have you ever wondered what it takes to throw the housewarming party of the century? Here are some fresh ideas to get you started.

Do some planning

I know, planning is boring; but it’s the first thing you’ll need to do for a killer party.

Think about the number of people you’d like to have over, when you’d like them to come and what you’d like to serve them with. Don’t forget to create lists and event reminders as well.

As far as the food and drinks are concerned, less is more in this case. Skip the full-course meals and instead introduce the mega-popular finger food. Even though you can never go wrong with some wine, remember to include refreshing drinks as well.

Personalize, personalize, personalize

Every guest wants to feel special. It’s your job as a host to make everyone feel special.

Give your guests the VIP-treatment by personalizing as many random items as possible: invitations, party hats, chairs, napkins and what not. If your guests don’t know each other, get them some colorful pens and some name tags to help them mingle around.

Another nifty idea would be to use glass markers. Those are basically some cool grown up sharpies with which you can write on glasses. Hey, no one likes losing their wine glass, right?

Make your guests Instagram famous

Like it or not, your party is probably going to create some buzz on social media platforms.

Why not stir the buzz yourself?

Handicraft an Instagram cardboard frame and let everyone take pictures with it. Don’t forget to include a unique hashtag - the funkier the hashtag, the better it’ll work. #thosefollowerswon’tcomealone

Another great idea is to get a Polaroid camera and let it make its way around the room. People like going home from parties with a memorabilia of some sorts - an actual picture in the digital age is as rare as a diamond.

Though just a side note - your friends are probably going to take a few pictures of the Polaroid camera itself - it’s the way things work nowadays.

Feed your people some sugar

Let’s be real over here - who doesn’t like sugar?

Even though adulting involves skipping sugar on most days of the week, a housewarming party is a great occasion for a little treat-yo’-self moment. Feel free to go wild with the muffins, cupcakes, and what not.

In fact, if you’d want to make the crowds go really wild, get a whole gumball machine. No one is ever too old for candies, period. And candies do go well with wine.

Get the party started

Your playlist will make or break the mood at the party.

Go for something light and casual that will very likely be to everyone’s taste. While Metallica may do wonders for you at the gym, do consider the guests’ taste.

If you’d like to make a real party, then grab a decent karaoke microphone. Let folks at your house have a blast by screaming La Bamba as loudly as possible - I’d be happy to scream La Bamba if my friend got a new king-sized bed.

Guestbook with a twist

Paper guest books are so last century - if the party heats up, no one would be willing to write meaningful poems dedicated to your new loft. Even if they do, you’ll most likely never open it again.

However, getting a chalkboard on your wall to act as a guest book may work well for you out of two reasons.

  1. People like weird things and you’ll be left with a bunch of awesome - though short - messages on your board;
  2. You’ll actually use the chalkboard yourself later on.

It’s a win-win situation. Exactly like your party is going to be!

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